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How to use Instagram for your yoga business

Leveraging Instagram for Your Yoga Business

Interest in yoga is skyrocketing on social media, with more people eager to learn from professional yogis online. Instagram, in particular, is an excellent platform for yoga instructors to share their expertise. The platform’s interactive features make it ideal for engaging with followers and expanding your reach globally. To grow your yoga business, having a strong Instagram presence is essential. Here’s how you can effectively use Instagram for your yoga business:

Live Classes

Instagram’s live video feature allows you to stream live sessions to your audience, who can interact through comments. This is perfect for conducting live yoga classes. Regularly scheduled live sessions keep followers engaged and coming back to your page. The advantage of live streaming is that your clients can join from anywhere, helping you reach a global audience. Live classes serve as a sample for potential customers, encouraging them to purchase more classes if they enjoy the experience.

Carousel Posts

Instagram is known for sharing engaging images, and carousel posts let you share multiple images in a single post. Users can swipe through to see each image in order. This feature is ideal for step-by-step tutorials of different yoga poses. Accompany the images with detailed captions explaining each step. Regularly posting these tutorials can attract followers who want to learn yoga at home, increasing engagement and showcasing your expertise, which helps promote your paid classes.


Collaborating with other popular yoga pages or related accounts is an excellent way to expand your audience and promote your brand. Collaborations can include joint live videos, where both accounts host a session together, or giveaways, such as offering a free yoga class and a mindfulness session. These collaborations combine audiences, increasing your reach and attracting new followers interested in your business.


Vlogging on Instagram Stories has become increasingly popular. Stories allow you to create a sequence of images or videos that followers can click through. Use this feature to create daily vlogs about your business, such as setting up classes or general business operations. This gives your audience a deeper insight into your business, fostering a stronger connection and building trust. Customers are more likely to book classes if they feel a personal connection to your business. Save these stories to your profile to showcase your business to new followers and add to your social media portfolio.

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