Benefits of using Instagram for therapy classes

Adapting to Instagram: A Guide for Therapists

These are challenging times for all businesses, especially for therapists who rely on face-to-face interactions. As we adapt to new ways of communication, online platforms have become essential. Among these, Instagram stands out as a valuable tool for therapists. Here’s how Instagram can help you navigate these times and benefit your practice in the future.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is an excellent tool for real-time communication. Businesses use it for online classes, tutorials, and more, connecting with audiences from home. Therapists can use Instagram Live for group sessions, Q&As, or joint sessions with other therapists or clients. This feature helps foster a sense of community and connection.

Stories and Highlights

Instagram Stories allow you to share short video clips that can be threaded together. Features like Polls and Q&As make your content engaging and interactive. You can save Stories as Highlights on your profile, making them accessible to clients anytime. Use Stories to provide helpful advice, share updates, and keep your audience engaged.


Instagram TV (IGTV) is perfect for long-form content. Unlike live broadcasts, IGTV videos can be recorded and uploaded at your convenience. These videos remain on your channel for clients to view later. Use IGTV for tips, tutorials, or detailed Q&A sessions. You can also share short previews in your feed to drive traffic to your IGTV content.

In-Feed Motivation

Instagram is known for motivational quotes and inspiring content. As a therapist, use your feed to share positivity and support. Post regular quotes, tips, and updates about your business. Ensure your profile is public to allow easy sharing and increased visibility.

Direct Messages (DMs)

Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) are a great way to stay connected with your clients. Respond promptly to DMs and let your clients know you’re available for support. Use in-feed content to remind followers that you’re accessible through DMs.

Driving Site Traffic

Use Instagram to drive traffic to your website. Include a link in your bio and promote it through your posts. If you have a budget for paid marketing, consider using Instagram ads to drive traffic to your site.


Instagram offers several features that can help therapists maintain and grow their practice during these times. Utilize Instagram Live for real-time sessions, Stories for engaging content, IGTV for long-form videos, and in-feed posts for motivation and updates. Stay connected with clients through DMs and drive traffic to your website effectively. By leveraging Instagram, you can continue to support your clients and adapt to the digital age. Stay strong, positive, and kind, and remember that your clients still need your help, even if it’s online for now.

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