Recruiting Caregivers with Facebook PPC: An Investment Worth Making

Impact of Caregiver Shortage on Agencies

According to a report by HCP, 97.8% of agencies say the caregiver shortage has hurt their business. You’re likely feeling this too. Without enough caregivers, your agency can’t grow. The caregivers you do have might get tired, lose interest in their work, and possibly leave.

Recruitment Automation in Competitive Sectors

Employers in fields like healthcare and tech are using recruitment automation to find the best talent. Recruitment marketing uses tools similar to those for agency marketing but targets a different audience.

Using Facebook Ads for Recruitment

One effective tool for recruiting caregivers is Facebook ads.

Are Facebook Ads Effective for Recruiting Caregivers?

Yes! Facebook ads are a powerful addition to your marketing mix. They can help you find qualified caregiver candidates.

Advertising on Facebook lets you target job seekers near you who fit your candidate profile. You can also learn more about your audience, like their demographics and interests, to find new potential caregivers.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

The cost of Facebook ads varies. You set your own budget, so your campaigns can be as cheap or expensive as you want. Here are some average costs to guide you:

– Average cost per click (CPC) for all industries: $1.72
– Average CPC for healthcare: $1.32
– Average conversion rate for all industries: 9.21%
– Average conversion rate for healthcare: 11%

Key metrics to measure include:

– **CPC (Cost Per Click):** Amount spent on the ad campaign divided by the number of clicks.
– **CPL (Cost Per Lead):** Amount spent on the ad campaign divided by the number of qualified leads.
– **CTR (Click-Through Rate):** Number of clicks divided by the number of times your ad is shown. For healthcare, the average CTR is 0.83%.

How Facebook Charges for Ads

Facebook ads can be set up as pay per click (PPC), meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This is cost-effective.

Managing Your Facebook Ad Budget

You can manage your ad spend in two ways:

Campaign Budget: Distributes your budget over the lifetime of your campaign.
Ad Set Budget: Allocates budget to individual ad sets, offering more control but requiring more time. Meta recommends at least one dollar per day per ad set.

You can track spending by:

– **Daily Budget:** Average daily spend.
– **Lifetime Budget:** Total spend for the campaign duration.

Tips for Managing Your Talent Pipeline

Once you attract candidates, you need to manage them well to turn them into employees.

1.Build a Candidate Journey

Design a path for caregiver candidates, similar to a customer journey. Map out steps from learning about your agency to onboarding.

2. Manage New Leads with a CRM

Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to handle caregiver leads. Automation can help manage these relationships and streamline the recruitment process.

3. Learn from Your Campaigns

Automated marketing campaigns provide insights into your ideal caregivers, including their demographics, interests, and habits. Learn the best times to advertise and the messages that work best to turn leads into hires.

Ready to Start Recruiting Caregivers?

Home Care Marketing Pros can help you build a caregiver pipeline. The CareFunnels platform you use to manage client leads can also recruit caregivers and keep your talent pipeline full. Book a demo to see how.


The caregiver shortage is a significant challenge for home care agencies, but using effective recruitment strategies can help mitigate its impact. Facebook ads offer a powerful tool for targeting and attracting qualified caregiver candidates. By setting appropriate budgets and managing your ad spend effectively, you can optimize your recruitment campaigns for better results.

Building a robust talent pipeline is crucial, and tools like CRM systems and recruitment automation can streamline the process. By designing a comprehensive candidate journey and learning from your campaigns, you can ensure that your investment in recruitment pays off.

Home Care Marketing Pros and the CareFunnels platform can support you in this endeavor, helping you manage both client and caregiver leads efficiently. Embrace these strategies to keep your agency staffed with dedicated caregivers and continue growing your business.

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