Website Development for Music Learning School MKA Music

We developed MKA Music School Website for Music Teaching and Sell Music courses Service for client.

Project Idea

Dive into our latest creation,, a harmonious blend of design and functionality. As a creative design and development agency, we orchestrated this website for a prestigious music school, showcasing our innovative approach to bring their vibrant community and educational excellence to the digital stage.

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Our Team

Project View

Build a user-friendly website for learning Music Online and also teach onsite by booking classes, featuring live classes, videos, quizzes, and discussion forums for students globally.


Technology Stack

There are the cutting-edge technologies that power our website development at IMA Sales Solutions. Leveraging the versatility of WordPress as our CMS, we craft dynamic and user-friendly interfaces. WordPress has several benefits for professional website development.


UI/UX Designing


WordPress (CMS)


Elementor Plugin


WP Rocket



Development challenges and solutions

How our team dealt with a range of development challenges.

Ensuring Smooth Elementor Compatibility

Challenge: We need to ensure that there is some limitations in elementor page builder plugin for creating user friendly and professional design.

Solution: Regularly update both Elementor and WordPress core to ensure compatibility with the latest versions. Additionally, use well-maintained third-party plugins that are known to work seamlessly with Elementor

Performance Optimization with Heavy Visual Content

Challenge: We are using most of pages for that website with multi images for good design and more content for better SEO, But it effect the speed optimization of website.

Solution: Optimize images and multimedia elements for web use to reduce page loading times. Implement lazy loading for images and consider using a caching plugin to enhance overall website performance.



Visual Property

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