Referral Marketing: A Guide to Developing Assisted Living Facilities as Referral Sources

Building Referral Relationships Between Home Care Agencies and Assisted Living Facilities

Home care agencies and residential care facilities, though indirect competitors, can benefit from a natural referral relationship.

Establishing a network of referrers requires strategy, tact, and thoughtful relationship-building. Here’s why this partnership can be mutually beneficial:

– Some of their leads may not yet need residential care and would benefit from home care.
– Some of your leads might be better suited for assisted living.
– Both agencies can cover service gaps for each other.
– You can refer leads outside your service area.
– Many of your clients may eventually need full-time residential care.
– Your combined expertise provides more comprehensive care options for clients.

Here’s how to build relationships with assisted living facilities to boost your client pipeline.

1. Personalize Your Communication

Start with existing relationships, such as former staff or colleagues who already trust your agency. When reaching out to potential referral partners, send personalized emails rather than generic ones.

– Introduce yourself and your agency’s services.
– Address the email to a specific person, like an executive director.
– Mention any mutual connections.
– Offer your assistance and express interest in two-way referrals.
– Request a meeting.

Example Email:

Hi Gail,
My name is Nikki Mehrotra, and I’m the client development lead at Caring At Home. We offer post-surgical care, senior companion care, and respite care in the Greenville area. My colleague Dawn Frasier at Hanover County Senior Services has spoken highly of your team.
We’ve had several clients who need to transition to long-term memory care facilities, and we’re looking to build a trusted network for referrals. We’ve heard excellent things about Commonwealth Independence Village and hope we can discuss starting a two-way referral program.
If you’re available next week, I’d like to visit Commonwealth to learn more about your services and share information about Caring At Home.
Wendy Jones

2. Create a Tailored Referral Package

Equip assisted living facilities with high-quality, branded materials they can give to potential clients.


– Professionally designed brochures with photos
– A complete service menu
– Insurance and financial information
– Information about your agency and care standards
– Details on caregiver vetting, training, and certification
– Client reviews
– Your business card with contact details

3. Visit in Person

An email might secure a meeting, but a face-to-face visit can also be effective.

– Bring print materials and a referral package.
– Introduce yourself to an available administrator and explain your interest in their facility.
– Leave your business card.
– Follow up with a brief thank-you email.

Be respectful of their space and avoid appearing to poach business or caregivers.

4. Make it Mutually Beneficial

Ensure that the referral partners you choose have high standards. Their reputation will impact the leads they send your way.

5. Partner on Community Events

Combine your expertise to become a valuable community resource.

– Co-host open house events for the community to meet senior service providers.
– Include other professionals like gerontologists, mental health counselors, and social workers.
– Organize webinars on topics like senior care services, aging in place, and end-of-life care.

Attract and Manage Home Care Referrals

As you build a robust referral network, you’ll need a system to manage new leads and guide them through the customer journey. Home Care Marketing Pros can help grow your business. Book a demo of our CareFunnels platform to see how it can streamline your referral networks and fill your client pipeline.

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